Sunday, January 13, 2013

Muktzeh Mahmat Gufo

Day: Sunday
Date: January 13, 2013
Parshat: Bo
Source: Yalkut Yosef: 308

Sponsored by the Aharonoff family in memory of Sarah bat Yocheved. May her neshama be elevated and may she be a heavenly advocate on our behalf.

Muktzeh Mahmat Gufo, or, "Muktzeh because of itself," includes anything which is not a kli, is not edible food, and was not set aside before Shabbat for a purpose that is allowed on Shabbat. Examples are rocks, branches, frozen food, barbecue briquettes, paint, and animals. 
Items that are Muktzeh Mahmat Gufo may not be moved for any reason -even for their place- just like Muktzeh Mahmat Hesron Kees. Lo Aleinu, a corpse is considered to be Muktzeh Mahmat Gufo. The practice when there is a corpse Gd forbid is to put it on the floor and cover it with a sheet. However on Shabbat this becomes problematic since the corpse is Muktzeh and therefore may not be moved. However, since the clothing on the corpse are not Muktzeh it can still be moved. If there are none, the practice is to put bread or something else that may be moved on Shabbat and then the corpse may be moved as well. This can only be done in that situation, ordinarily one may not put a non Muktzeh item on Shabbat onto things that are Muktzeh Mahmat Gufo in order to move them. May Hashem protect us from such things and may we merit to see the Mashiah soon! 

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