Friday, January 10, 2014

Kli Shemelachto Le'isur

Kli Shemelachto Le'isur
Day: Friday
Date: January 10, 2014
Parshat: Beshalah
Source: Yalkut Yosef: 308

A kli shemelachto le'isur is a kli who's primary function is something that is forbidden to do on Shabbat. Examples are, paint brushes, sharpeners, umbrellas, saws, sandpaper, weapons, pens, hammers, and Tefillin. All of these items are made to do something which may not be done on Shabbat. However an item that is intended to be used equally for things that are okay on Shabbat and things that are not okay is not considered to be muktzeh. An example of this is a woman's handbag which she sometimes uses to hold money in and sometimes to hold other things that are not muktzeh. If an item is usually used for forbidden things but it's sometimes used for permitted things, like a pot that is sometimes used to store food, one may rely on the opinions that maintain that it is not muktzeh.

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