Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Haircuts During Hol Hamoed

Haircuts During Hol Hamoed
Day: Wednesday
Date: April 8, 2015
Parshat: Shemini
Yalkut Yosef: 531-2

It is forbidden to take a hair cut or to shave ones beard during Hol Hamoed. It is permissible however to trim ones mustache if it doesn't get in the way. Brushing, combing, and washing ones hair are all permitted even though a few hairs will probably be pulled out. Sephardim may cut their nails even with scissors or a nail clipper. Ashkenazi people may not cut their nails even by hand hand. Thankfully even Ashkenazim may cut their nails during the sefirat ha'omer. On Hol Hamoed one may do anything necessary to help a sick person, even if the condition is as simple as a headache.

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