Sunday, July 22, 2018

Motzei Tish'a Be'av That Falls on Sunday

Motzei Tish'a Be'av That Falls on Sunday

Day: Sunday
Date: July 22, 2018
Parshat: Vaet’hanan
Ohr Hahalacha: Tish’a Be’av

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The fast of Tish'a Be'av ends 20 minutes after shekia. There is no reason to be strict and wait for the Rabenu Tam time since that is only done on days with Torah prohibitions such as Shabbat. This year, before eating, havdala must be said since it was not said after Shabbat. Only the baracha of hagefen and the last beracha, hamavdil, are said. The pesukim normally said before havadala are omitted. The prohibitions against cutting one’s hair, shaving, washing, and bathing are lifted with the end of the fast whether the fast falls on Shabbat and is pushed to Sunday or even if it is observed on the proper day. When the fast is observed on the ninth of Av the prohibitions against eating meat, drinking wine, saying shehehyanu, and listening to music stay in effect until sunset the following day. This year however since the fast is observed on the tenth of Av, all of these prohibitions are lifted with end of the fast just like the other prohibitions. May this be the last year we observe Tish'a Be'av as a day of mourning. May we merit to see it become a day of celebration soon as the Navi tells us it will be.

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