Friday, April 11, 2014

The Laws Of Porcelain And Glass With Regards To Kashering

The Laws Of Porcelain And Glass With Regards To Kashering
Day: Friday
Date: April 11, 2014
Parshat: Aharei Mot
Source: Yalkut Yosef: 451

Porcelain or clay pots, pans, and dishes that are used for hot hametz during the year may not be kashered for Pesah and should be put away until after the holiday. A porcelain dish that is used to store cold hametz for more than 24 hours at a time may be kashered by filling it with water and changing the water every 24 hours for three complete 24 hour periods. If the water is left inside for more than 24 hours it only counts as one 24 hour period. If it was poured out before 24 hours have passed the whole process must be started again. If the porcelain dishes have not been used for 12 months and prior to that they only held hot food but no food was actually warmed up on them (kli sheni) they may be used but to be safe one should do hag'alah (dip them in boiling water) three times. Glass does not absorb nor expel any taste and therefore it does not need any kashering whatsoever other than cleaning it well. Ashkenazim however consider glass to have the same status as pottery (see above for laws of kashering pottery).

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