Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Indirectly Cooking With Fire On Shabbat

Indirectly Cooking With Fire On Shabbat
Day: Tuesday
Date: June 10, 2014
Parshat: Sh'lach
Yalkut Yosef: 318

Just as one may not cook on Shabbat using the heat of a fire, so too one may not cook on Shabbat using the heat of something warmed up by a fire. For example, by putting a raw egg in a pot that was warmed up on the fire, or by wrapping it in a blanket that was heated up on a heater. One who does so is considered to have cooked the same as one who cooked on the fire itself. One who cooked on an electric burner, hot plate, or plata on Shabbat has also transgressed the prohibition even though the heat comes from electricity and there is no fire. The same is true regarding a toaster oven. Even if it is on a timer from before Shabbat it is still forbidden to cook in it on Shabbat. If Gd forbid there is a person so ill that the doctor requires food to be cooked for him on Shabbat otherwise the person will be in grave danger, one may cook for him. Ideally if one can cook the food in a microwave that is the best since according to some poskim that is not the same as cooking with the heat of fire. One the flip side, food that was cooked in a microwave should not be put on Shabbat in a place where it can reach yad soledet bo even if there is no liquid and it is fully cooked.

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