Friday, October 16, 2015

Making Music on Shabbat

Making Music on Shabbat
Day: Friday
Date: October 16, 2015
Parshat: Noah
Yalkut Yosef: O"H: 338

In memory of Adam Eliyahu ben Reina

Our Hachamim forbade us from making music on Shabbat whether it is with an instrument or even by hand, such as by clapping or snapping to a beat. It goes without saying that electrical instruments are forbidden for additional reasons as well. It is permissible in general to clap on Shabbat if it's not being done to a beat or to accompany singing. The one exception is clapping to scare away birds which is also forbidden. Our Hachamim suspected that one who does clap to scare away birds may become caught up and pick up a rock to throw at the birds which is forbidden for other reasons.

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