Sunday, August 14, 2016

Laws for After Tish'a Be'av That is Pushed off to Sunday

Laws for After Tish'a Be'av That is Pushed off to Sunday
Day: Sunday
Date: August 14, 2016
Parshat: Va'ethanan
Yalkut Yosef: O"H: 557/Hazon Ovadia: Ta'anit 414 - 415

When Tish'a Be'av falls on Sunday or is pushed off to Sunday, as it is this year, the berachot of Hagefen and Hamavdil are both said before eating anything after the fast. A person who needs to eat during the fast must say havdala before eating. The havdala said by such a person also exempts the people who hear it from their own obligation to say havdala after the fast. Ideally, a person saying havdala on Tish'a Be'av should have a child drink the wine. If there are no children around he should have at least a sip of it.
In general, the custom is to not eat meat until the end of the day after Tish'a Be'av since the Bet Hamikdash was still burning until then. However this year, since we observe Tish'a Be'av on the tenth of Av instead of the ninth, it is entirely permissible for Sephardim to eat meat immediately after the fast is over. Even in a normal year when Tish'a Be'av is observed on the correct day, it is permissible for Sephardim to bathe, shave, get haircuts and wash clothing immediately after the fast is over. However, Ashkenazim are strict about these things even when Tish'a Be'av has been pushed off and do not do these until the following day. May HaShem answer all of our prayers and may this be last Tish'a Be'av observed as a day of mourning.

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