Sunday, May 25, 2014

Having Benifit From An Issur Darabanan Done On Shabbat

Having Benefit From An Issur Darabanan Done On Shabbat
Day: Sunday
Date: May 25, 2014
Parshat: Naso
Source: Yalkut Yosef: 318

If one purposely transgressed an issur derabanan on Shabbat it is forbidden to have any benefit from that transgression until after Shabbat. If the transgression was an accident it is permitted to have benefit. For example if one cooked on Shabbat in a pot that was warmed up by the sun, even though it is an issur derabanan, if it was beshogeg he may eat the food on Shabbat. In general one who did a melacha is believed if he says it was beshogeg and therefore in such a situation it is okay to benefit from that melacha. If one accidentally turned on the air conditioner or a fan on Shabbat it is permissible to benefit from it as long as there is no light that turns on as a result. If there is a light, unless it is an LED or similar light, turning it on is an issur de'oraita and one would be having benefit from an issur de'oraita which is not allowed.

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