Monday, May 19, 2014

One May Not Benefit From Melacha Done On Shabbat

One May Not Benefit From Melacha Done On Shabbat
Day: Monday
Date: May 19, 2014
Parshat: Bamidbar
Source: Yakut Yosef: 318

If a light is turned on on Shabbat in a forbidden manner one may not have any benefit from it even if it was turned on by accident. One does not need to leave the house, however he should be careful not to do anything next to the light that he couldn't do in the dark. If there was an object in a room where a light had been turned on on Shabbat, even though technically one is allowed to use the object it is proper to be strict on oneself and not use it. Similarly if there is a blackout on Shabbat and a Jew turns the electricity back on, one must ensure to take all the uncooked food off the plata so as not to cause that person to cook on Shabbat. If there was cooked food on the plata and it warmed up one may not eat the food until it cools down again, so as not to have benefit from melacha done on Shabbat.

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