Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jogging on Shabbat

Jogging on Shabbat
Day: Wednesday
Date: July 15, 2015
Parshat: Matot/Mas'ei
Yalkut Yosef: 328

It is permissible to take a walk on Shabbat after a meal even though it is being done only for health reasons. The reason is because it is not obvious that it is being done for those reasons. Jogging is forbidden on Shabbat even if one jogs daily, if one's intention is to cause himself to perspire. However, such a person may take a brisk walk on Shabbat instead at a pace that won't cause him to perspire. A person with heart troubles who has been instructed by a doctor to do specific exercises daily may do them on Shabbat as well since he can be considered to be at least at the level of a Holeh She'en Bo Sakana. It is permissible also for a person to conform to a diet on Shabbat as long as he makes sure eat the amount of bread required for each meal.

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