Monday, February 8, 2016

After Berachot on Coffee and Tea

After Berachot on Coffee and Tea
Day: Monday
Date: February 8, 2016
Parshat: Terumah
Yalkut Yosef: O"H: 207

One who drank hot tea or coffee does not say an after beracha when finished since it is consumed slowly and therefore highly unlikely that he drank a revi'it at once or in the amount of time that it usually takes people to drink a revi'it at once. There are some of our Ashkenazi brethren who maintain that as long as a revi'it was consumed within seven and a half minutes an after beracha is necessary, however the Sephardic custom does not follow that opinion. However, even though our custom is to not say an after beracha in that situation, one who hears an Ashkenazi person say boreh nefashot in that case should say amen. One should also not say an after beracha after drinking coffee that has cooled down somewhat, even if he drank a revi'it at once, since most people do not wait for their coffee to cool down and then drink it in gulps. However, if he allowed his tea to cool down somewhat and then drank a revi'it of that at once, he does say an after beracha.

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