Monday, June 6, 2016

May One Who is Cooking Taste Without a Beracha?

May One Who is Cooking Taste Without a Beracha?
Day: Monday
Date: June 6, 2016
Parshat: Bamidbar
Yalkut Yosef: O"H: 210

In memory of Hannah bat Shelomo.

One who is preparing food and tastes it to see whether it needs more salt etc., does not say a beracha as long as he is tasting less than a kezayit if it's food or less than a revi'it if it's liquid. This is true even if he intends to swallow the food and not take out of his mouth after tasting. If his intention is to eat and enjoy the food then a beracha is required even if he is only sampling a very small amount. One who is tasting food because it looks good and also because he wants to critique it should have in mind that he wants to enjoy the food and then he can say a beracha according to all opinions.
One who said a beracha and took a bite of food and then spit it out has not said a beracha in vain since, after all, he did partake of the food. In that situation it is best to take and swallow another small bite.

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